Northwest Regional Adult Drug Treatment Court

The Northwest Regional Adult Drug Treatment Court will serve the City of Winchester and Counties of Clarke and Frederick.  The goals of the Court are to:

  1. Promote public safety by treating addiction and substance abuse among non-violent offenders involved in the judicial system
  2. Reduce recidivism and criminal offenses in the community
  3. Increase accountability of the justice involved population through intensive supervision, monitoring, sanctions, incentives, and treatment
  4. Promote collaboration and the effective use of resources among the criminal justice system, community agencies, and other partners

Who May Participate

The Drug Treatment Court Program admits probationers who have violated the terms and conditions of probation due to a substance use disorder as well as those charged with non-violent felony offenses that were motivated by or closely related to the use of drugs or alcohol.  There are many conditions that must be met by probationers who enter the program, and all admissions must be voluntary.  The Commonwealth’s Attorney must approve the referral in order for individuals to participate.

Court Information

Individuals who are interested in being considered for the Drug Treatment Court should consult with their attorney.  In order to be eligible for Drug Treatment Court it must be determined through assessments that the individual is a high risk supervision offender and that he/she has a substance use disorder.

For Council:

Legal Screening Sheet(English)

Legal Screening Sheet (Spanish)

Participant Handbook (English)

Participant Handbook (Spanish)


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