Law Enforcement Overdose Intervention Program "LEO"

The Law Enforcement Overdose Intervention Program (LEO) is a program designed to offer individuals who have a substance use disorder treatment, rather than incarceration.  This grant-funded program provides treatment services including case management, therapy, outpatient treatment, peer recovery services, and transportation and housing assistance.  The LEO team is committed to harm reduction with a focus on the person’s well-being while encouraging the development of tools for continuous sobriety.  Individuals are referred to the program by a probation officer or a law enforcement officer. 


Client eligibility is determined by the LEO trained law enforcement officer and the probation officer.  Adults who have a substance use disorder are determined eligible for LEO based on their criminal history, their level of risk and need, and their willingness to participate in the program. 

The benefits gained from this program are based on the client’s engagement in the treatment process. The average length of this program is individualized and is based on the client’s progress rather than a specific duration of time.

More Information

For more information on the program, please call 540-536-5000.

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