What is the Coalition?
The Northern Shenandoah Valley Substance Abuse Coalition (NSVSAC) is a coalition of law enforcement, health care, substance abuse treatment and youth advocacy organizations and families impacted by substance abuse and addiction in the Winchester region. The group formed in May 2014 following a community heroin summit in Winchester convened by the Northwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Force.

The stigma of addiction prevents many from reaching out for help. This website is one of a variety of awareness and education initiatives to inform the community about the disease of addiction, promote prevention, and offer helpful resources, locally and beyond.

Working together to overcome the grip of substance abuse and addiction.

The Northern Shenandoah Valley Substance Abuse Coalition will collaborate with community partners to take the lead in identifying and developing effective resources to ensure that the necessary continuum of care for substance abuse and addiction services are available to all members of the community.

Strategic Planning Retreat Summary
In 2016 members of the Executive Committee attended a Strategic Planning Retreat and the following Summary was prepared by Eric Steiner, Knowledge Management Analyst with Casey Family Programs.
NSVSAC Strategic Planning Retreat Summary